Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I believe I mentioned in an earlier post about the movie Fireproof. Mike and I finally got to watch it together over Easter weekend and we both totally loved it. For starters it has awesome music to it (see video below) and I believe that EVERY marriage can relate to the storyline. One of the actual scenes could have easily taken place in our home!!! You know, the argument where you both adamantly state that you carry the load around the house and do everything. Also, the star in the movie is Kirk Cameron who is still as cute as a button from when I grew up watching him on Growing Pains!

The movie is awesome and came at a good time for us:) I have been so bummed the few times that I have rented it or checked it out and we never got to fully watch it. Well, God knew that there would be a time that we needed it the most and it is now. This time of year is CRAZY for Mike, CRAZY with Kyle's sports schedule, we are going through the triennial process with David plus his gymnastics, and lets not forget about my active hormones. It could be a recipe for tough times in our home:) When life gets crazy we often take it out on the ones we love the most. Thankfully this movie helped us both to remember that marriage is sacred and often you choose to love even when it is not always easy or fun.

I urge you to grab your spouse, grab a big bag of popcorn and rent this movie! The boys actually watched it with us since there were lots of fire trucks and fires to keep them entertained in the movie.

Here is a video from the movie with a great song called While I am Waiting.

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  1. Laura, there is a bible study that goes with the movie that is awesome! You and Michael can do it at home. It is a 6 wk. study. Each week it takes a scene and has bible verses and study questions for it. Daniel and I led a class at our church and were truly blessed when we studied at home preparing for the class. The study is designed for a class or for individual couples. I love that movie!!!! :)