Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Our dog" Blue

One of the privileges that Kyle can earn at school is to bring a pet from home. Most of you know that due to Kyle's allergies and asthma having a pet in the home is not feasible. It makes me sad that my boys will not have a dog to play with, but then again I already have a hard enough time keeping my house clean!!

Anyway, Kyle bought this privilege with our dear neighbor, Ann Burton's dog in mind. My boys love Blue and we treat her like she is ours! It is a match made in heaven-the boys can play with her and love her without having to live with her.

Blue and I visited the class Monday. Kyle was so excited to show her off! He interviewed Mrs. Burton about Blue so he could answer all the questions the kids might throw at him. The visit went so well, and Kyle was a proud "owner" and Blue was a perfect "lady!"

Here is the famous Tena Hubble! Kyle talks about Mrs. Hubble to everyone. He adores her and has had a wonderful year in her class.

Kyle showing off Blue to the class:)

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