Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekend Fun

Well, we had really BIG plans for this weekend. I mean, really big plans. Our initial thought over the break was to head out of town for a nice family trip since our summer plans could be iffy with little Princess' arrival. I spent hours scoping out fun locales for our clan, and finally hit gold when I realized that Chris Tomlin was having an outside concert on Good Friday called Celebration of the Cross. I mean, Chris Tomlin, outside in Atlanta and we could also hit a home Braves game. Bingo.

Well, then the concert sold out quickly-come to find out I am not the only one obsessed with Chris Tomlin right now. Once I realized that I could not see Chris Tomlin, then frankly Atlanta lost its appeal. Then we decided to downsize our agenda and head to Pigeon Forge/Knoxville and do the Festival of Nations at Dollywood to satisfy Kyle's country flag obsession and then hit the Knoxville Zoo. Well, that plan lots it appeal when the weather looked iffy in those places. Ahem, what's a family to do?!

Well, it turned out to be a blessing that we have been home. My parents came down yesterday and we totally moved David out of his room and into Kyle's room which emptied out the nursery and then we started to move Princess and all her shoes and clothes in!!! What fun we had:) I will post pictures later when we get the room finally done. It was hard work, but totally worth it!

While my parents were here, we had an easter egg hunt, egg and spoon races, and a great meal on the grill that Mike cooked in between the rain storms.

We have enjoyed that precious commodity called "family time" that allows us to be together without the constraints of schedules, must do list, and work obligations. It has been awesome. We have watched two movies as a family-one was called Fireproof that I totally and utterly recommend to all. I will post about that at another time.

I bet you are wondering what David is up to in these pictures?! Well, Friday afternoon after my parents left we realized that we had not seen David in a few minutes, and we went looking for him. This is the scene that we stumbled upon. David in all his preciousness decided that the penguin from Happy Feet needed to poop on the potty. Not only did he put him on the potty, but he opened the drawer, found the potty books we read to him and started reading. This is one of those precious memories that we will forever remember. He did this all on his own. Excuse the fact that David is shirtless:) In the picture above, David is checking Penguins poop progress and below he is reading The Velveteen Rabbit-very season appropriate book I must add:)
Egg and Spoon races in our yard:)
David scoping out all the eggs.

Today we went to a community Easter egg hunt and David could have cared less about the eggs, he just wanted to ride this little train. His Daddy stood in line with him and rode this little train-he was so happy!!:)

Tomorrow we are looking forward to a fun family day as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. I always get a little emotional thinking about what Jesus endured on the cross for us (I have never been able to watch the movie, The Passion of the Christ because I cannot handle it) but Easter morning, his resurrection from the grave just fills my heart with joy. The grave could not contain him and that is the best news for us to remember this Easter.

The video that I posted below is to make me feel a tiny bit better that I did not get to see Chris Tomlin in real life this weekend. This little three minute video is not him singing I Will Rise (scroll down previous post to enjoy the song/video) BUT him talking about writing that awesome song. Even though he wrote the song for people facing difficult times, it is also appropriate this Easter weekend due to the line in the chorus that he talks about-the grave is overwhelmed. Blessedly for us, the grave could not contain Jesus and now he is seated on the throne in Heaven.

When Chris (should I call him that or Mr. Tomlin?!) talks in the video about the 10,000s of angels from the book of Revelation singing Worthy is the Lamb to Jesus makes me have a heart attack almost. To think that I get to go to home to heaven simply because I have chosen to believe and get to take part in the chorus of angels overwhelms me. In this life on Earth where it is all about your actions (what have you done for me lately comes to mind-am I showing my age or what?)! To think that because I have chosen to walk by faith and believe in God I can be counted blessed enough to take part in that heavenly chorus singing Worthy is the Lamb to Jesus.

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