Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fun Day

Today has been full of sweet surprises and fun. Today I got to go to the doctor for my 30 week ultrasound appointment. I was so mesmerized with how technology has improved since we did this four years ago with David:)

The good news is that she looks great and as of today she weighs a whopping three pounds, two ounces!! She looked beautiful (yes, she is still a girl) and it was amazing watching her movements in 4-D.

Here is our little Princess at 30 weeks:) Here is a profile shot of her sweet face with her arm up by her head:)

The other surprise was that Kyle's picture was in the local paper for a swim meet last month. He was so pumped about being in our local newspaper!!

1 comment:

  1. *Gasp* oh my goodness!!! WOW - She is BEAUTIFUL - the details of that picture are AMAZING!!! I know you must be so ready to hold that beautiful little face in your hands and see her in person! The picture of Kyle is great, too :)