Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday Morning Chaos

Some mornings are just more difficult than others. This time of year the morning routine just gets a wee bit harder. We are all kind of over the whole school year routine as we anxiously anticipate the freedom of summer, sports schedules make for long evenings which make for sleepy children that are hard to rouse awake, and lets not forget that I am weeks away from Baby Girl's arrival which means that I feel 49 months pregnant!!

Friday, however, we were rolling along beautifully. I had a much anticipated preschool plan for Earth week, the boys were dressed and ready to walk out the door at the perfect time and all we needed to do before loading up was to let David potty.

David is becoming modest like his mother and has decided recently that he really wants the door shut when he does his business. Fine by me EXCEPT that the lock on the door was turned the wrong way, so when he shut the door for his privacy, the door locked behind him. Keep in mind I could not remember if I had unplugged my curling iron or not as I finish this wild tale:)

When Kyle and I realized what had truly happened, Kyle (my child with a HUGE flair for drama) started yelling at David to unlock the door. Yeah, that was not going to help anything at all! I ordered Kyle outside to try to talk to David through the window to keep him away from the hot curling iron and to keep him from flushing the potty 5,000,000 times! I was frantically using a bobby pin to TRY to unlock the door with no success as I visualized all the potential hazards to David in our bathroom.

I went outside (and heard David on the inside giggling as the potty flushed AGAIN for the upteenth time)and thought about helping Kyle climb in the window. Then I remembered Baby Girl and recent contractions and thought better of that. The only plan left was to call Mike.

Mike was in a meeting, but thankfully answered the phone. Our knight in shining armor rushed home and not only unlocked the door within minutes, but ushered me out the door to preschool with a promise that he would take the kids to school and explain their tardiness:) Just note, that the curling iron was cool as a cucumber when David was freed from the bathroom and it appears that no potties were hurt in the process:)

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  1. I am just catching up on your blog and this had me cracking up! It sounds so much like a day in our house!