Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nesting and Random Baby

Poor Mike, my contractions and nesting instinct have kicked in at the same time:) I have a list a mile long "to do" but I am only able to do very little of it due to some early contractions that have started. The doctor thinks that the contractions are harmless, since I am not dilating any, but I need to take it easy.

The only big outing we accomplished this weekend was a quick trip to Target to load up on baby stuff. It was so cute to see Mike, kyle and David wandering around the baby aisles checking everything out. We loaded our cart up with "stuff" and we were both amazed at how much has changed since we last did this:) I felt too tired to care what they picked out.

David has had a ball with all the new stuff that we have bought and pulled out of storage for baby girl. Somehow we found this disheveled looking doll in our house that David has used to play baby with. He has used this poor, random baby to try out all our new stuff! I just had to share some cute pictures.

David carried random baby around in the Baby Bjorn just like I used to do with him! I was rolling in the floor watching him carry her around and dance with her.

Here is David and random baby playing in the new bouncy seat that the boys picked out at Target. I was shocked they picked out such an obnoxiously pink bouncy seat:) Kyle put it together when we got home as I supervised him from the couch! He even put a new battery in:)

Here is David and random baby playing in our Bumbo seat. We bought that seat for David and have shared it with several friends since then. It is so neat to think of all the cute tushies that have sat in this seat. I am glad that it is blue to balance out all the pink in the house:)

David is taking the stroller for a spin around the living room. This car seat/stroller combo was bought by my grandmother months ago when we found out that it is indeed going to be a girl.

That has been our weekend in a nutshell. I had big plans to go to Roanoke to help my friend Lynn celebrate her big birthday with a girls shopping weekend, but with the contractions coming, Mike and I thought it wise to stay put close to home. I am trying so hard to enjoy the last few weeks of this pregnancy because I know this is our last time to go through this. When I feel tired, grumpy, hormonal, and just want it over, I try so hard to relish every kick and roll I feel because this truly will be our last pregnancy:)

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  1. Please do relish this time. You are such a great Momma. I love reading all about what you are going through. It makes me love you more and more. And more and more it makes me so, so very proud of you. I wish I had the words to tell you how awesome I think you are. Please, if you ever need some help of any kind, call me. I would love to hold peanut and rock away, and I would love to play with the boys. I love you. Cousin Donna