Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Pictures

Since both boys have been home sick today I had a moment to catch up on downloading pictures and blogging. Kyle was diagnosed with strep throat and that rash that comes with it that I will not try to spell:) He literally is broken out from head to toe. David was diagnosed with a yucky sinus infection and he too is on an antibiotic. I know Dr. C gets tired of seeing us grace his office, but I did take it as a compliment today when he told Kyle he had an obsessive mother about his health!:)

Today has been one of those days where you just have to deal with "stuff" that is not always fun. The boys felt well enough to get on each other's nerves, but could not play outside on this BEAUTIFUL summer day. I had a million errands to run, but was unable to get it all done since I had the boys home.

On the bright side, Kyle and I pulled out a jigsaw puzzle and started working on it. Kyle talked my leg off while working on the puzzle and I am sure it was topics that in a normal day we just would not have had time to talk about. He asked me today, if Baby Girl would have a disability or not. Sometimes he acts like a typical WHINY boy, but other times his maturity and understanding of the world is more like an adult and blows my mind! We needed a fun bonding activity together because over the weekend we had to complete his animal diorama project that just about put us both over the edge. Neither one of us felt good and his strong-will makes projects that require parent involvement a HUGE challenge:)

Here are some pictures of the last few weeks that I am just now getting downloaded. I cannot believe we are on the cusp of May:) The recent weather has really made the school routine hard to stick with. It has been very warm over the last few days:)

I am never truly satisfied with sports pictures because they are often taken during or after a game when Kyle is sometimes a wee bit sweaty and disheveled. The other day before his game I made him pose for his soccer picture at home in front of our flower bed.

I absolutely love this picture of Kyle and Mike. Mike's job as assistant coach often means he stands by the goalie to help that position. When it is Kyle's rest time, he often will go help Mike coach. There is nothing wrong with my camera, the sun was just setting in this picture:)

Soccer boy, Kyle! He has LOVED playing soccer this season. John Graham is his coach with Daddy Mike as faithful assistant. His competitive streak shows big time on the field:)

David went on a playdate with a friend from his class, Marshall. They are so cute together and David had a ball:)

The new water slide that Santa brought to both boys. Unfortunately we promised we would bring it out this weekend before we knew that the boys were going to be sick. David never got to play on it, and Kyle only got to enjoy it for an hour before he started feeling really terrible.

Two sickly boys waiting for the doctor's office to open up this morning:)

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