Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flowing Along

Flowing along pretty much sums us up these days. We have had beautiful fall weather around here this week and I took the kids outside to play tonight and caught these fun pictures:)

Hope and I hosted our first playgroup here today and it was such fun-despite the fact that Hope slept through most of the playtime:) It was nice to sit and chat with some other moms and catch up. It has been four years since I was in a playgroup last. I was amazed this morning getting ready for everyone to come over. If you would have told me this time last year that I would be hosting playgroup for my daughter I would have laughed. But sure, enough that is what we did today. Life is always full of surprises-God likes to keep us on our toes:)

I LOVE the expressions on Hope and David's faces. He was singing her the bee song and she was loving his attention.

Kyle loving on Hope. They miss her so much when they are in school:)

Sweet girl

Hope is not quite ready for the bumbo seat yet, but I did try her in it yesterday just for fun.
Our Davey-he wears us out so much, but he makes life so much fun also.

Both boys are settling in to school and doing great. This week is such a relief from the stress of last week. I made chicken pot pie tonight for the family, and it was a HIT. I will post the recipe tomorrow-protein, lots of veggies in an easy to make casserole that everyone loved. I am so thrilled when I find stuff like that to make:)

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