Thursday, February 11, 2010

All About Love

When you are snowed in AGAIN what can you do to entertain three children?? This week we have spent our cold snow days getting ready for Valentine's Day. In this picture, sweet Davey is licking the beaters from making red velvet cupcakes for our friends. I am not clear if we will ever get to deliver them, because the roads are terrible...but they were fun to make!

This is the sweetest little Valentine that Kyle made for us. I love homemade Valentine's that come from the heart:)

Both boys had fun making Valentine goody bags for their classmates. They attached a little goody bag to each Valentine, but again, not sure when we will get to have Valentine school parties because we are truly snowed in again. Since Christmas break I think that the kids have been in school for only like nine days or something really crazy. This is by far the snowiest, coldest, snuggliest winter I have ever seen:)

Both boys got Valentine chocolate bars for their sweet teachers:)

Kyle has become quite the baker lately and they both enjoyed making cupcakes for their friends. Please excuse the red food coloring on my counter tops, we are working on that. It is still tinted a little pink:) That is what happens when you let an 8 year old decide how "red" the icing should be!

The mean Mommy that I am has made both boys spend a little bit of our day doing some reading and school work. David is on a roll with his reading and we want him to stay up on his words:) Kyle is reluctantly reading some Magic Tree House books right now.

Whatever it takes to get Kyle reading...even if it is upside down on the couch:)

A snowy scene overlooking the golf course. It has been blowing snow for the last two days which has made it look like the Frozen Tundra here in Virginia. Snow used to be a rare treat, but lately it is a daily occurence.

This is so sweet...but I have noticed that Hope has no interest in the TV at all, which is fine with me, but David wanted to watch Barney with Hope and sure enough she loved it!

Look at that little grin as Barney sang "I love love me.." So sweet:)

Here is a picture of Mike's car almost buried underneath all the snow drifts.

But when it is all said and done, we will never forget this winter with all the snowy weather and days snowed in together. Hope loves having her big brothers at home even if they disrupt her nap schedule. It is all about love:)

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