Saturday, February 6, 2010

Political Soapbox

I rarely use my blog as a platform for political purposes, but I am so concerned about the impending state budget impact on our public schools that I felt compelled:) Just tonight I emailed our two House of Delegates representatives and our two local State Senators to make a plea to them to spare public education in their cuts.

Our public education system had to make cuts last year and are preparing to do so again this year (with rumors of additional cuts coming) For the state to continue to cut funding year after year eventually will impact instruction and programs our children deserve. The proposed budget for the next two years includes a major $4.5 million cut to our local school system. How can the state expect localities to make deep cuts from an already tight budget?? I know cuts have to be made, but I KNOW there are other budget items that do not affect our future like public education does.

Here is what a wrote:

Hello. My name is _________ and I reside in _______ County, Virginia. I feel compelled to email you regarding proposed funding cuts for education in the upcoming 2010-2011 budget. I feel that our local public schools do an excellent job with their already limited resources. I am a mother to three children, two of whom attend our local elementary school.

I know the budget is dire and that cuts need to be made, but I beg you to not decrease funding for public education. Our children do not need to reap the negative benefits of our current economic mess. Our public schools are already operating with decreased resources and another year of cutting crucial personnel and resources will negatively impact the instruction our children receive. Our children need to be prepared for the future with current technology, educational best practices and top-notch facilities. By cutting the budget for education, you will negatively impact their future. Please spare public school educational funding cuts for this upcoming year.

Here is the contact info for our local legislators:

Senator Phillip Puckett:

Senator William Wampler, Jr.:

Delegate William Carrico:

Delegate Joseph Johnson, Jr.:

If you feel strongly that public education should not be cut please drop them an email and let them know how you feel. Short and to the point would probably be best. Our children deserve us to fight this fight for them-they are our future!

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