Sunday, February 21, 2010

Swim Weekend and Other Fun

I love this picture of the boys! They are so sweetly reading a book together in our hotel. After many long weeks of snow days and being in our house together, we were all so thrilled to be in Roanoke for a fun swim meet weekend. Mike had been in Richmond and met us there Friday afternoon. We got to shop and eat out together.

Hope enjoyed the hotel as much as the big boys did. We had a huge room and we laid out a big blanket and let her play on the floor. She had a new baby for the weekend-one that plays peek-a-boo and it was a big hit with all three kiddos.

Saturday morning we hit the pool super early for the swim meet. This was a different meet because we did not sit in bleachers around the pool. We "camped out" in the gym and went into the pool when it was time for Kyle or another LASO friend to swim. The kids loved this because they could play in an open gym. It is stressful for the parents to keep up with the events, but it really is a relaxing way to have a meet. Mike read some of a novel, we chatted with other LASO parents, and just all sat around together cheering on our kids. Here is David playing UNO with two of the Graham girls and Bre. David loves the social time!
Uncle Chad and Clayton came to f:the meet and got to watch one of Kyle's events. Then after the meet was over we flew across town with my parents to watch one of his basketball games.
He is a good little bball player for only being in PreK.

My camera struggled with the lighting in the gym, but here is Clayton in action. He is so darn cute and has the cutest personality. He LOVES baby Hope and was excited that he had a big cheering section.

After the game we went to Red Robin to celebrate my Mom's 60th birthday. Chad arranged for the waiters to sing Happy Birthday to her! She was mortified I am sure:) They brought her a dessert and she shared it with all the big boys.

David hogging GG's birthday treat:)

Oh my....this picture makes me laugh. Sunday morning at the meet our team's warmup time was 7:00 a.m. That is super early and I did not have time to eat breakfast at the hotel, so I bought a bagel from the concession stand. I put it down to spread cream cheese on it, and sweet Hope grabbed it and started chewing on it! We all died laughing at her with that big bagel in her mouth.
She is so cute I did not even mind sharing my bagel with her!:)

The kids all had fun playing with their Nintendo DS's while they were waiting to swim.

Twister is always a fun way to kill time in between events:) Kyle was the spinner because he was eating:)

Here are some of our LASO little kids with Meg their coach:) It was so fun to have a change of scenery and family time this weekend. Kyle swam well and had a blast. I got some shopping in and got to visit with family-good times:)


  1. it was an action packed weekend. It was great seeing the Robinson family. I'm not sure Red Robin will be the same....haha


  2. All these pictures are so good. I love the one of Hope eating a bagel, and she looks so cute in that shirt! David eating that ice cream is cute too. I love the one of Abby, Ava, David,and Bre playing cards!