Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I really do not like the word recession. I do love the Allstate commercial where that guy with the amazing voice says "will we remember this as the Great Recession or the Recession that made us great?" wow I love that! His voice is so deep and rich and it stops me dead in my tracks every time.

Times are tough-budgets are tight, people are without jobs, and overall everyone is feeling the pinch of this down economy.

Over the last decade or so, we as a society have lived so far above our means that greed and entitlement have won the battle over sensibility. I do not like this recession, but I pray that this time will be a good teacher to my children down the road on how to manage budgets and to know the difference in wants versus needs.

I pray that the poor economy will lessen its hold on all of us. Soon. But I also hope that it helps sensiblity and common sense prevail more in our future. I am the daughter of an account, but that did not mean that when I ventured out into the world alone that I knew jack about keeping a checkbook. I had my tiara firmly placed on my head and checkbook balancing was for someone else to do for me.

Lets just say that the first year I lived alone in Charlottesville making $26, 500/year (or $1800/month) was a humbling financial lesson for me. Budgeting and waiting to buy things was not "me" and I got myself into a few jams. Thankfully shortly after I moved to Cville, I met this cute little assistant principal who was pretty good at balancing checkbooks:) I will never forget when I told him that my method for checking my checkbook balance was to drive through the ATM!!

I am convinced that without Mike's wisdom and financial discipline we would have encountered more financial jams. I still struggle with the "I want this now" mentality, but thankfully Mike's wisdom and the recession have reminded me how vital it is to save for the future and save for our children so they can spread their wings one day. Mike and I have followed Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace plan for about 8 years now and it has helped us (translation me) so much! His biblical appraoch to finances has reminded me that the Lord does not want us living beyond our means and that we have a responsibility to give back.

I pray that you and your family are making it okay through this tough time. I just pray that our children will reap some major benefits down the road from our tough times. If you are in need of some budget ideas, I strongly recommend Dave Ramsey's website to you. I know sunnier skies are ahead, and I pray the Lord will see us through these tough times and hopefully we all will learn a few lessons along the way:)

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