Friday, February 26, 2010


Our weather forecast for this weekend is truly amazing. The weather forecast includes the word "blizzard" with a potential for 18-24 inches of snow. I am in denial and I am just continuing to cook for some company that we are having over tonight for dinner. We are having my family down for dinner. Due to bad weather I have not seen my grandparents since Christmas. The kids miss them and want them to come for dinner. I am not going to let a little blizzard mess up our weekend plans:)

This weekend Kyle is scheduled to be in an AAU basketball tournament here in our town. There are teams supposedly coming from all over, so I pray that can get here despite that little blizzard warning and we can play bball. I have to admit that I have fallen in love with basketball lately. I do not care to watch it on TV, but I love watching Kyle and friends play. Our rec league season ended last night and amazingly our team went undefeated. Sometimes you have teams that are full of great kids, and our bball team this winter was blessed with some great kids and parents. It makes it such fun:)

Yesterday I braved the notion of taking all three kiddos with me to Hope's 8 month well check. Sweet Hope is doing great. The doctor mentioned how social she seems to be already-I hope this continues to be a positive thing down the road:) I giggled yesterday thinking that she may be that little girl that has the report card that says "too much talking!" Ahhh, I look forward to raising a little girl, but it will definitely have its challenges I am sure.

Today the kids are home for snow day #20 this school year. To even see that number in print is amazing to me. We are making it okay despite the kids super dry skin and eczema. They boys have never really complained about dry skin and such, but this winter has been brutal on their little bodies. I even had Kyle soak in an Aveeno bath the other day. It was funny to see all his long arms and legs trying to get under the water in the little bathtub upstairs. He is growing so fast and changing so much right before our eyes.

Well, I will keep you posted about this blizzard thing. In the meantime, here are some pictures of the kids yesterday when they played out in the snow, you know, the snow before the blizzard:)


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