Saturday, February 27, 2010

Busy Weekend

What a fun, but exhausting weekend. We started Friday night with a family get together here at our house. My grandmother walked into our house and introduced herself since we had not seen her in a long while due to bad weather! She is a card!

Hope is on the move so much these days and is pulling up to everything!!

Saturday, Kyle's AAU basketball team played in their first local tournament. Their colors are black and yellow so here are David and Hope ready to go to the game:)

This picture makes me laugh so much. David decided that he wanted to wear these football eye patches to the game-you know the lights may be bright in the bball gym! Anyway, I left the room and came back and found that David had put them on Hope. Thank goodness that she is such a tough bird and handles this stuff well. She was happy as a clam that she had eye patches on with her big yellow hairbow!!

Kyle's AAU team did well in their debut games. They are a team of 8 year olds, and they played 10 and under and 9 and under teams. It was daunting, but they held it together and had fun. This tournament was for practice and we were so proud of their effort.

We are off tomorrow to more AAU games-I love watching my Kyle and friends play basketball. Go Hornets!!

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