Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Baby clothes are so much more fabulous than they were five years ago:) There are so many amazing monogrammed and personalized baby clothes on the market now. I have found two new websites for baby clothes that I ADORE:) Check out www.mitetee.com for this adorable onesie. It says David and Kyle's little sister. The boys were so happy that Hope was sporting this adorable onesie tonight:)

Here is a closeup of the writing on the onesie:) I love, love love this!!

Also, check out this PRECIOUS baby t-shirt with Hope's monogram on it. I found this at www.sugarlocks.com That site has precious monogrammed clothes, sibling clothes, birthday clothes, and so many cute things. I love this adorable T-shirt that Hope was modeling tonight.
I love a monogrammed outfit for a cute little girl:)

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