Friday, February 19, 2010

What week. What a fun, but very long week. The kids went to school on Monday only with a two hour delay. Everyday since Monday we have had some kind of snow which means the kids have been home. Today was officially snow day #18. Yes, I am dead serious.

It has been a long stretch for Mike-getting up by 5 a.m. to make a wise snow decision wears on you after a while. He has called some TV stations so much to announce the decision that he has memorized them. Between a dismal budget situation and weather, Mike has had a challenging time. But, sunnier skies have to be on the horizon:)

Tonight, we are all five snuggled up in the largest hotel room I have ever seen. We are in Roanoke for a swim meet and somehow we ended up in some kind of huge hotel room-we might not leave on Sunday!:)

Mike had to make a trip to Richmond this week. Kids home for snow and hubbie away is a bad combination. Thankfully my parents came for reinforcement! This week we did get to go with some friends to see The Tooth Fairy and I am seriously thinking that we have played every game we have at our house. I know we will look fondly back over this time, but I am pretty worn out. The kids miss school and their friends:)

So we are so happy all together in one hotel room tonight. The kids miss Mike so much when he is out of town and I know traveling solo can be lonely. Our bellies are full of Cici's Pizza and I have had my share of Gymboree shopping today. Life is is not always easy or smooth sailing, but it is good. We are praying for sunnier skies and better budget news to come from Richmond soon.

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