Monday, February 15, 2010

Hope 8 Months

Hope Madeline is 8 months old today. It makes me so sad to think in four short months we will be planning a birthday party for her. Today when I TRIED to take her picture, our little Hope was not super cooperative. Each month it has gotten harder and harder to keep her in that chair:) As you can see from the above picture, Miss Hope is pulling to stand. Hope what else are you into these days?

You eat about 6 jars of baby food a day. You are nursing still about 6 times a day. You are interested in a sippy cup, but it is a very messy thing for you! You chew on the top and juice goes everywhere. You are liking the organic baby puffs a little more.

I have no idea your weight, but the onesie you were wearing today was a 3-6 months. You have outgrown a few sleepers lately, but most of your clothes are 6-12 months.

You are constantly on the move and into everything! You love wrappers and anything shiny. We have to keep things picked up or you will find them:)

You love to be read to and you also love cruising around our house in your walker. You walk it over to where the boys play basketball and watch them:) It is so cute!

Your favorite game for now is peek-a-boo. You love to hide your sweet face and then you belly laugh when we say "peek-a-boo!" The boys fight over who is going to play with you next:)

You are such a sweet, happy baby when Mommy is around. You are definitely a Mommy's girl:) You never fuss when we take you to all your brother's activities and you are so happy out and about.

No teeth yet, but you are chewing on everything!! Kyle got so worried when I took this picture because he thought you would fall out of the chair!

I love this sweet, toothless grin:) We are so blessed with your sweet presence in our life. The boys, your Daddy and I love you dearly and we cannot imagine one day without our Hope.

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  1. Oh, Laura. She is SUCH a little doll...I love the picture of her standing, and doesn't it make you just grin all over to see how her little feet look like they are doing a little "ballerina pose"? So sweet.