Saturday, July 10, 2010

All Stars 2010

We have had such a fun All Star season this year. The group of kids on the team was great and we all hadfun together at the games. I had fun cheering on the kids (loudly I must add much to the dismay of my husband) and I did yell at an occassion umpire or two. I love cheering on my boys on the field-Kyle as the player and Mike as the head coach.

It makes me so happy that David wears Kyle's All Star jersey from last year to the games-here are my precious boys:)

I love this competitive boy!

Warming up with a friend.

Macy, David and Hope having a little pizza picnic before the game.

This picture warms my heart so. I love these competitive boys and it was a hard loss tonight that ended our season. I love sports and I love the lessons that come from the game such as teamwork, confidence, perserverence, determination, and focus. I am sad that it is over, but I am ready for life to slow down a little bit more as we check one more activity off of the list.

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