Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Than You Can Handle!

The last few days have been packed full of super fun stuff going on. This post may be so full that it is more than you can handle! HA! It started Thursday afternoon. Hope and David have been in a 10 week Music Together class here locally and this summer Kyle has gone with me to "help"

Hope dancing with the scarves:)

David stomping like an elephant!

I cannot even describe how sweet it is to watch Kyle "mother" Hope. He complains about having to go to music with us, but once we are there, he loves to be Hope's "mommy" and do the class with her.

David loves to play Mrs. Rae Ann's guitar after class!

This is Hope and her friend, Brady. I love that he is going for her hairbow!! They are eight weeks apart and we get to spend lots of time together.

Another fun treat this week has been that my nephew Clayton spent Friday with us and even stayed and had a sleepover!! It went beautifully and my boys were in heaven that he was here. Our first stop was McDonalds and then we went straight out to Hungry Mother to swim!

Is Clayton going to jump off of the high dive?

There he goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope loves a swimming day:)

This picture makes me laugh so hard! While at Hungry Mother, This group of kids invited David to play with them. They were sooo sweet to him and we were so amazed watching them. Then all of a sudden, they started posing for their grandmother for family pictures and they insisted that David join them. Ashley and I got so tickled that we almost fell out of our beach chairs!

Clayton LOVES baby Hope! He insisted to sit beside her in the car and and showered her with ten million kisses:)

Overall we had a wonderful time at Hungry Mother park with Clayton! We got run off by a bad thunder storm, but the kids enjoyed swimming in the water:)

Saturday we went to my grandparents house at the lake for a family reunion. It was AWESOME to see family members that we have not seen in years and my kids had a ball. Above Kyle and Clayton are playing with their cousin Ellie.

Hope and GG having some snuggle time during the family reunion. It was amazingly hot at the lake:)

This is such a precious picture because this is my grandfather in the white shirt and his brother in the yellow shirt from Texas. It amazes me that they both have COPD and are on oxygen. I so enjoyed watching them fellowship together. The ladies behind my grandfather are his sisters and they live in Radford. Of the original 11 children, (yes 11) these are the four remaining Wright siblings.

I would love to have a picture sometime this summer when I do not have pool hair, but here is a picture of me with my cute girl!

My funny cousin, Katie, from North Carolina came to the reunion and she wanted to tube first so she could show everyone else up! I so wish that I had pictures of her trying to get on the tube!! HA!

Hope and Aunt Net Net snuggling on the swing!
In addition to all the fun that we have had over the last few days, we did work in a trip to the ER:( I twisted my ankle in the yard on Friday night and really hurt myself. After icing, elevating, and resting my ankle it still hurt, so Mike dropped me off at the ER and a friend came and picked me up. He did not need to bring our three plus Clayton inside the hospital! Luckily it is only a sprain and some time off of it will hopefully make me good as new:)

The last few days have been precious as we have seen family that we have not seen in years and gotten to spend some precious time with Clayton. Clayton lives in Vinton which is about two hours from us. Their busy schedule and our busy schedule make coordinating family stuff challenging, so we always enjoy cousin time. Now, if we could just figure out a way to get our nephews from Shreveport here, then my kids would really have a field day!

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