Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Dave

How can it be that our David is now 6?? Yesterday we celebrated David's "real" birthday by going to Hungry Mother (his favorite place) and swimming.

I still remember so vividly the day he was born-my labor was quick and relatively painless. We had only been at the hospital 30 minutes when this red-headed, tiny boy came into the world. We enjoyed nine hours of family time, snuggle time, and photo ops before we ever heard the words "Down Syndrome."

Only by God's amazing grace did we take that huge life altering moment and literally shrug it off. I remember when the pediatrician uttered the words "Down Syndrome" to me I looked in her eyes and calmly said "well, God made him and made him just for us, so that is fine with me." Truly only God could have put those words in my mouth that day.

Now we still remain humbled by God's grace as He walks with us on this amazing journey of parenting this strong-willed, confident, amazing, intelligent, empathetic, funny, and precious child. No, it is not easy but I feel so incredibly blessed that God chose us to parent this gift.

We finished the day by going to Kyle's All Star game in Bristol. Here is a picture from this year....

And here was a picture from their first game last year:)

Happy Happy Birthday sweet angel boy-we are so proud to be YOUR parents!!

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