Friday, July 9, 2010


David and Hope are my sweet playmates. Kyle loves her dearly but wants to "teach" her stuff. David on the other hand, loves to get in the floor and play with Hope. They both love her new princess castle and they love a good stack of books to look through. Above is a cute, little video capturing Hope's sweet giggle as my two playmates have fun together.

This summer has been magical-full of friends, swimming, baseball, birthdays and spontaneous get togethers. I have tried so hard to take a ton of pictures. Hope is at a super fun and cute age and she handles big outings very well. Therefore, we have been on the go lots this summer. Yesterday we went to the wave pool with some families from Kyle's ball team and that was great. At one point I looked over and five "big" boys were circled around Hope playing with her. Precious.

We are gearing up for David's birthday party this weekend. Thankfully the weather forecast looks good for his party. I have done most of the prep for it and we are just looking forward to a fun day with friends at the lake:)

BTW, about the video....make sure you pause the blog music before starting it and pardon the poor quality! Light was pouring through the windows which makes it kind of hard to see clearly:)


  1. That is too cute! My son loves to play that same "night night" game!

  2. SO sweet! I love it when you post videos :0)~ it's such a great way for you to share those precious personalities!!