Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I love still photos and I always cherish the snapshot of life that they capture, but there are times such as this that a video is just what is needed to truly capture the essence of the moment. Above is a short and cute video of Hope and David doing what they do best-being silly and having a ball together. Hope has suddenly fallen in love with her babies and David loves to play babies with her even if it is in a funny, non-traditional way. In this video David keeps making the baby fall off of the high chair much to his sisters delight!!

The interactions between my children often take my breath away-literally. As all three of my babes have grown over the last year all their relationships have changed and it has been amazing to watch the metamorphosis. I often stop in awe as I watch Kyle flutter around the house with a sturdy Hope on his hip-entertaining her and talking with her in his sweet "daddy" voice. It is equally awesome to watch David be Hope's playmate and play peek-a-boo for way longer than my adult task-oriented brain could ever muster. He often scolds her by saying "no mam" in his thick-tongued, southern accent which is inappropriate but oh so precious!

We never "planned" to have three children much less with this much age difference, but what a blessing from God these three are:) Videos like this will always be in my heart as I watch these children continue to grow and change:)

By the way, pardon the ice cream sandwich smeared all over both Hope and David's faces. He had just shared his treat with her:) Also, scroll down to the blog music to pause so you can hear the video!

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