Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Day at the Beach

To end the vacation, we traveled about an hour from Williamsburg and hit the beach for the day. We are the kind of people that suck the life right out of a vacation-when we do it, we really stuff it full of fun stuff:) This vacation was soooo busy that it was nice to end it with our toes in the sand watching our children frolic in the surf. Or, the reality was that it was heaven to be at the beach, but the surf was pretty rough and we were on our children like white on rice!! I have a healthy respect for the surf and did not allow the kids to go as far as they would have liked.

There was a storm brewing so the beach actually closed for a few hours during the storm. We went and got some dinner and then hit the beach after dinner and enjoyed the sunset.

We really had a great day-I watched my girl enjoy the sand for the first time ever (except for Hungry Mother) and I danced ring around the rosie with David as the waves crashed on us, and I enjoyed watching Kyle look for seashells for the special people in his life. We usually are active vacation people and this was a rare treat to sit in a chair and observe my kiddos in action.

My fish Kyle loved the beach, but did not like the salty taste of the water!! There is not a body of water this kid does not love.

Sweet Davey feet in the sand:)
Daddy and the kiddos:)

I love having my toes in the sand. Hope's toes match mine right now:) This summer when I have done my toes she gets hers done as well! Right now we are both sporting sassy pink!

Please excuse my wild beach hair, but here is a rare shot of me and my three!

I tried so hard to get a good shot of all three in the sand and this was our best effort. When sweet girl finally woke up, a storm was brewing in and the beach was closing so we had little time to work with.

Little Hope is taking a few steps here and there, so we wanted to see her stand in the sand:) I am sure the next time we are at the beach she will be running in and out of the water, and I just wanted to record this milestone:)
It was certainly not the kind of day at the beach where I could kick back and read a book. It will be years before I will be at the stage, but it was wonderful to watch my babes enjoy the day at the surf.
I am sad that vacation is over. I know that we spend a lot of quality family time together, but nothing can replace time spent on vacation. You are away from most distractions and the focus is on having FUN! Often when we are home together we are working our way down a "to do" list and often miss the forest for the trees. Vacation allows you that chance to spend quality time together and just enjoy the moments together. We will all miss Mike when he goes back to work tomorrow. In the meantime, the laundry is calling my name and I need to make my "to do" list for the week:)

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