Friday, July 16, 2010

Water Country

I so wish that I had pictures of our day at Water Country. But, my big expensive camera did not need to accompany us to the water park. There were often times that the stroller was left alone, and since Kyle's brand new under armor flips got stolen, then I am sure my Nikon would have. He only owned those poor flip flops 24 hours before someone stole them:( Super sad-so we will have to make another stop at the Under Armor outlet before we come home.

Anyway, the day was a blast!! It was super hot, but we literally stayed wet all day. Every ride that David could ride he did and LOVED it!! We are so proud of how brave he has gotten:) Of course Mike and Kyle did everything they could and loved it.

Water Country is great for families because there are little play areas for Hope's age on up to big, fast rides for big boys like Mike. We almost stayed until closing time-way longer than I ever anticipated!!

Today is Busch Gardens. Kyle is excited about the countries and roller coasters and Hope and David are excited to see Elmo!! I will take a ton of pictures today to make up for yesterday-I felt naked without my camera! HA!

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