Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On The Road

We hit the road this morning for a fun family trip! We tried hard to make it to Myrtle Beach with my brother and his family, but that was just not in the cards for us:) We could not find anywhere to stay remotely near their hotel. So we fell back on plan B and we are now bound for Williamsburg!!

The boys are super excited about going to Busch Gardens and Water Country and hopefully we can hit the outlets. This morning it has been a rough start to our travels-about 10 miles down the interstate Hope had a poop explosion that necessitated a stop at my moms for a quick bath and wardrobe change. Thankfully GG keeps clothes at her house for the kiddos and after a stop we are now back on the road!

Our original plan was to do the Nick Hotel in Orlando this summer. But, because we did the renovation downstairs unexpectedly, we decided to not head to Florida until next summer. Thank goodness for that!! I am not clear why I thought that Hope could handle a ten hour ride this summer-just the five hours to Williamsburg is going to take us all day with ten million stops in between:)

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