Saturday, July 17, 2010

Busch Gardens!!!

Despite the high temps, the day at Busch Gardens was a total blast!! Here are some fun pictures from our day:)

I love this picture because this was the first ride the boys did together and David loved it and was screaming for joy and here is Kyle cracking up at him! These two can fight, but they certainly do love each other and have fun together.
Hope, Mike and Zoe!! She was not scared at all and really loves ELMO!
Sweet moments such as this melt my heart. Kyle really is a great big brother and it was fun that they could ride rides together just the two of them:)
This was one of the highlights of the day for Dave. There is a ride called Pompeii that splashes people on the deck and David loved riding the ride, but he really loved being on the deck and getting wet. If you look super closely, you will see sweet Dave underneath the spray!
Another photo op in Sesame Street!
Mike and Hope walking across one of the brides to change countries
During the super heat of the day we went inside to the Octoberfests House ( I know they spell it differently) but that was a great, cool place for us for a couple of hours. While we were there, they did a show and David loved it!!
My girl loves a good splash/water area:)
Kyle is an amazing big brother when he wants to be and here he is taking Hope through a little splash area to cool off:)
One of the highlights of the day for Hope and David was the Sesame Street Live show!
It was soooo hot and humid that Mike's glasses fogged up when we got out of the car in the morning and Hope's curls went wild!!
They had several cute photo ops along the way and David insisted that I take his picture at each one:)
Mike and Kyle on the front car of the Loch Ness Monster roller coaster! These two brave souls rode every roller coaster in the park at least once:)

Hope took a late nap so when we she woke up we rode the train around the park to get back to Sesame Street to watch the Live show there!! Sweet, sweaty girl:)
Hope loved the fireworks even more that David did. I love this look on her face!
A magical (but hot) day was ended with awesome fireworks at 9:30. Mike and Kyle watched the fireworks from a roller coaster they were on and I enjoyed them with David and Hope:) We really enjoyed the day at Busch Gardens!

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