Thursday, July 22, 2010

Here is a little update on sweet Hope because I feel like she is growing and changing so fast right now. She is learning some cute things and we are just eating her up around here:)

Those cute baby blue eyes:)

The boys just love her so that I often find them both snuggling her! As you can tell she clearly does not mind all the brotherly love coming her way.

David, Hope and I are taking a Music Together class right now and here she is yawning like we do in one of our songs:)

Our silly girl also has a serious side to her-we often see this when she is sleepy.

My sweet little playmates that love a good loveseat cuddle.

We are taking several

tenative steps right now and I was so thrilled that I captured these on camera:)

She loves to lean on this little ottoman and play with various things. She is really into baby dolls right now-she loves them, kisses them, pats their little backs. It makes my heart melt to watch her "mother" her little babies!

She often squats when she plays which I do not remember the boys doing? Here she is squatting and playing with her Princess castle.

Here is a cute shot that actually shows off her pearly whites that she has recently gotten. She did not cut her first tooth until right around her first birthday but now she has five that have come in like popcorn!

She is officially weaned now which is exciting but bittersweet. I just feel like she is not our little baby anymore-especially when she yells "no" and "mine" at her brothers:) She is our most verbal baby yet-I hear that is a girl thing!

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