Thursday, July 15, 2010

Williamsburg Day#1

So far this trip has been busy but fun. It is super hot and humid here so we are looking forward to Water Country today so we can stay cool. We toured Colonial Williamsburg last night at dark and it was still so hot and humid. We had a yummy dinner at Olive Garden and we got to do some great outlet shopping when we got to town.

At dark last night we toured around Colonial Williamsburg. It was hot but it was a good way to burn some energy from driving all day. The boys had not been to Colonial Williamsburg so it was fun to let them see how life used to be. I love this picture above of Hope and David outside one of the historic homes. Just before this picture was taken, David opened the gate and yelled "come out darlin!" Oh my!

Now this is an interesting idea for discipline....maybe we should try this at home!! His little face above does look pitiful:)

Mike and all our babes in front of the ammunition house in Colonial Williamsburg.
My sweet boys...Kyle has been in super helper mode this summer and I love how he helps with David. David is also proudly wearing his new David shirt that he got for his birthday:)

I should have taken pictures of all my purchases at under Armor and Gymboree, but that would be a little bit embarrassing:) It was actually so hot, that I did not hit the whole mall-shocking I know! I still hope to hit Hanna Anderson before I leave, but the Crocs outlet was a big disappointment. I had heard that there were crocs there for $5, but no. I actually think the prices were higher there than at home.

Off to Water Country!!

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