Sunday, October 16, 2011

Can You Feel the Love?

Today my little family could feel the love as we headed to our annual Down Syndrome Buddy Walk. Our walk is not to raise money, but to raise awareness and for good fellowship.

These two cuties were super excited to put on their yellow and blue! Today the sermon at church was taken from Psalm 139 where it clearly says that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made by God. I love the line from the Psalms where we are reminded that He knit us together in our Mother's Womb. That makes me choke up everytime because of my Dave.

David and Angie fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator.

This is our first attempt at a picture of me and my kiddos and as you can see, a picture of three babes is difficult to get.

Much better:) Ha!

Kyle and Caleb were heading to a basketball scrimmage after the walk:)

A big group shot! We had a great turnout and we were so thankful for everyone that came to show some love to our kiddos.

Ashley and David walking!

My sweet girl was so excited to go to the "bunny walk!"

I love this picture of sweet Will running UP the hill at the end of the walk! He is such a happy dude.

I love this picture of Grace and Caroline walking together in the walk. This picture speaks volumes because this is truly our goal for our children! We want our children hanging with their friends and having fun!

I love this picture of my Mike and my girl. She is quite a Daddy's girl lately and I love this picture:)

Here is Kyle, his teacher, Mrs. Osborne, and all the kiddos from their class. She was so excited that she had five students from her class! Miss Caroline is certainly a popular fourth grader:)

The story behind this picture is hilarious because right before I clicked and took the picture, David let his balloon go!

Here is his reaction to that happening! Ha!

Then he was able to pull himself together for a group shot of Ashley and some of her amazing coworkers and friends that came today. I could bawl when I stop and think how much love my little guy has. I was so touched that they came:)

When God knitted this little angel together in my womb he knew that he would have designer genes and I just pray that He uses David for his glory. This day always makes me so excited and emotional because I am just so proud of David and all his accomplishments. I get so excited to think what the future has in store for him and I am so thankful for the amazing people that God has put into David's life to help him be all that he can be. May God be glorified through David's life and may he be a constant reminder that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made.

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