Thursday, October 6, 2011

Special Day for Special People

Dear David,

I had such fun visiting you during Special Games. I am so proud of you and how indepedent you have become lately. Every day I am proud to be your Momma, but every year on Special Games Day I tear up because I am reminded that God chose me to be your Momma and I am so thankful.

You are such a blessed boy because you have such awesome teachers that cheer for you everyday in the classroom.

You have a sister that worships you and a big brother that will always be there for you.

You have special friends like Miss Caroline and all your friends at MPS. You are such a popular little dude and you have such sweet friends.

I am such a proud Momma because every year on Special Games Day we get to celebrate how special you are. You are made by God and you are absolutely perfect. He gave you gorgeous red hair, "sprinkles" on your face, and the gift of music.

I love to watch you face each challenge because you blow us away every time. You are smart, stubborn, and I know that God has big plans for you. You never cease to amaze me.

You shine like that torch you got to carry baby and this Momma loves you so much.

Keep running the race dear angel boy and know that your Momma is always going to be on the sidelines cheering you on. I am so blessed and thankful that God chose me to be your Momma. I know I sometimes do not get it right, but just know that I love you so. You and your brother and sister are my heart.

I know that God has big plans for such a rock star guy. I know that you are going to go big places.

You have a great Daddy that loves you so much and pushes you when Momma wants to baby you and spoon feed you.

Not only do you have a family that loves you, but God has blessed you with extra special friends like Ashley and Jason. They took the day offf from work to come cheer you on! You have the biggest cheering section of any boy I know. You make us all want to be better people.

I love you angel boy and just know that this Momma was so proud of my special games athlete. You are a rock star baby.

Love, Momma

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