Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Fun

I love Virginia. I love that we have mountains, beaches, and everything in between. During this time of year I am so thankful that I live in these glorious mountains and that in my backyard I can see this beautiful scene.

Last Friday I took my preschoolers out to Hungry Mother State Park for a "campout" for letter C. This was the scene from our "camp site!"

The leaves have been gorgeous this year and I am so thankful we picked such a beautiful day to enjoy a morning at the park.

We went on a leaf hunt around the park and picked lots of beautiful leaves.

A preschool parent built us a campfire and we roasted hot dogs and marshmellows. A hot dog just tasted much better from a stick on an open fire surrounded by God's beauty.

This girl had a blast with her preschool friends playing on the playground! AFter the fun of the campout we did our annual pumpkin carving adventure with AShley!

We had quite an assortment of pumpkins from our various trips to the pumpkin patch so while Mike was out of town one day, we laid a big table cloth in the kitchen floor and carved our hearts content. Ashley is truly the carving queen!

This cute lil' pumpkin definitely got into the carving action!

Hope had fun putting pieces on her pumpkin to make a cute little doggie.

She was so proud of her little dog pumpkin.

Kyle always get so excited to carve, but he always wanders away because he cannot stand the smell of pumpkin guts. He is a wee bit dramatic to cover his mouth and nose to carve a pumpkin! HA!

David really got into it this year:)

I love this look he is giving me! He and Ashley tried these new fright lights that you pound into the pumpkin to make a design. It turned out super cute!

Oh dear I will never win the title of carving queen because here was my attempt at a bat and moon. I did great on the moon but then I messed up on the bat and turned it into a smiley face. It ended up looking like a stroke victim!

David certainly loves Ashley and he is such a ham! Here they are modeling their fright light pumpkin! I love it!

Our final products! A fright light, a stroke victim, a doggie and a cute bat pumpkin that Ashley did. We always have fun but I will probably never win a carving award! Life has been so crazy and busy but I never want life to be so crazy that we do not have time to take a whole afternoon to play with pumpkins and carving tools. I absolutely love this time of year! I get so mad when it rains and knocks our pretty leaves off of the trees!

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