Monday, October 24, 2011

Farm Day with Church Friends

After church Sunday two families from church hosted a party at their beautiful and super fun farm outside of town. Sadly Mike and Kyle had practice and could not go, so I took the little ones and we enjoyed a beautiful day at the farm.

David, Addyson, and Mason riding the ranger. Mason is so responsible that I felt comfortable with him driving DAvid everywhere!

What a gorgeous scene from their barn. They have quite the treehouse built on their property and the barn is full of a fun hay loft for the kids to play in.

Hope and Addyson had such fun together. They know each other from church and preschool and Addyson even had a playdate at our house last week. She is such a sweet girl:)

Addyson, David and Hope played tagged forever and here is Miss Priss running from someone!

David helped cooked the hot dogs and then he joined the game of tag. After a while, they lost track of who was chasing who! They were so cute to watch and this boy had a ball on the farm.

I clicked this adorable picture of Addyson! She was excited that we were all there at her farm to play.

Cute girls hiding from David! I love to see Hope having fun with friends from church and preschool. She is so shy around adults, so it is nice to see her running and interacting with her friends. She does at preschool, but she is so shy that it is hard for her outside of the preschool room.

When it was time to leave, Tracey and her twin boys were having as much fun as my kiddos were, so we were the last to leave the party! Shannon even let our kids ride the ranger out to help feed the cows. It was the highlight of the day to help feed those stinky cows!

Hope was obsessed with those cows, and kept saying she wanted to "ride that thang!" She wanted to get super close to them while they were eating, but it made me nervous. Those were some big cows and Momma had on high heeled boots! (Not my wisest choice for footwear to the farm)

I love this picture of Hope, Tracey, and her boys Alex and Owen. We were the last ones to leave the party and David was so sad to leave that the Williams family even let him stay with them and they brought him home. Maybe one day we can get him a job on the farm-he was certainly in heaven!

We really had a magical day with church friends on such a beautiful farm. I feel kind of spoiled because tomorrow I get to go back with my preschool class. Addyson is going to host her preschool friends tomorrow and the weather looks so awesome for a return trip tomorrow.

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