Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Round

The beautiful thing about teaching two different preschool classes is that we get to do double of all the fun stuff! Today was the halloween party for the Tuesday/Thursday class and I put on my poodle skirt (thanks Ashley) and Hope rocked the Tinker Bell outfit and off we went!

My tinker bell loves to write and color. She is most often at the art center table "creating" cool stuff!

A pretty blue fairy and Tinker Bell ringing up some grocery purchases! I love the imagination!

This class has ten little girls and four little boys. Hope has had such fun making new friends in this sweet sweet class.

One of the parents brought in dirt and worms and let the kids make their own. They loved it so much and it was a hit!

Group picture! Such a cute, group of kiddos.

Here is Hope making her monster hand! She had such fun at her little party.

My cute girl. I told a dear friend at lunch today that I am going to cry buckets when she goes to kindergarten because not only will she be my last, but I enjoy having her in my classes. I am simply going to enjoy the next few precious years we have together when Mommy and Daughter walk up the stairs at church each day for a morning of learning and fun with our friends. I know these are precious years because I have already witnessed how fast these years have gone by with her brothers. One day I will have to turn her over to a kindergarten teacher, but for now we relish every moment together at preschool.

Sweet Macy and Hope matching in their Tinker Bell outfits. Hope was suppose to be a lady bug but when she heard that Macy was going to be Tinker Bell, we had to borrow a Tinker Bell outfit from some friends.

We did not trick or treat downtown at the businesses for several reasons, so we allowed each child to bring goodies to hand out to their friends. Here is Hope sharing her goodies with her friends.

The party certainly wore out this Tinker Bell, but not this Momma. The party was such fun and I am so beyond blessed with wonderful parents that had that room organized and cleaned before the last child left. Precious memories today with my girl for sure:)

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