Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our week has been fast and frenzied. Mike has been out of town for three days which means that I have been flying solo. I always appreciate single mothers a bunch when Mike is out of town. It wears me out physically and mentally when he is gone for more than a day or two.

This handsome guy fresh from his bath certainly has had a fun week. A trip to the pumpkin patch with church, pumpkin carving with me and Ashley and special visitors for grandparents day at school!

This little one has had a a stuffy nose but it has not kept her down! We have had a fun week at preschool.

David is her hero and her she is mimicing him in a picture.

She was super excited to wear this smocked dress because she is obsessed with The Lion King and she calls it her "wion king fress!" I love it. Basically since Disney and the drive-in at church we are all obsessed with the Lion King right now.

Tuesday after school the children's group from church went to the pumpkin patch owned by a sweet couple from church. They have three acres of pumpkins and not only allowed my preschool to come, but the children from the church as well. It was super windy but the kiddos had fun.

David helping Hope get out of the pumpkin patch!

My cool fourth grader is not too big yet to get excited to go pick a pumpkin!

I love watching these two together. I hear from everyone else that when Kyle and Davied are together without me, that Kyle is an amazing brother to David. That makes my heart so happy. I know that when God was designing our family he made Kyle just perfect to be a great big brother to David. Kyle handles it well that David gets lots of attention at times:)

David really had fun roaming around that big three acre pumpkin patch.
My two boys!

We had such a fun day at the pumpkin patch with friends from church. The schedule this past week was brutal with Mike being out of town, but this was one outing that I did not want to miss.

Ashley got this hilarous picture of David at the pumpkin patch! I love his hair blowing back and that he is carrying that big pumpkin! I am so thankful for fun church outings.

Next blog post will be on our pumpkin carving time with Ashley. It has been an exhausting week, but no rest for the weary around here. Friday and Saturday we are heading to a swim meet with Kyle and then on Sunday we have the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk. Life will eventually slow down but for now we are holding on for dear life and enjoying this fall season.

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