Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Magical Day

What a magical and wonderful day with our preschool friends on the farm today. I know my kiddos and I were just there Sunday, but it was so fun to be there today with the preschool class.

Here was the scene from the barn. What a gorgeous scene. The kids were way more impressed with the hay fort inside the barn:)

Hope looking for those cows again:)

Me and my sweet group of children on the hayride! Everyone gets excited to ride on a hay ride-even Mommies and teachers!

We were super blessed with a real treat! Mr. Shannon showed us this new calf that was just born yesterday. The kids were enthralled with this precious new life on the farm.

Another gorgeous scene of the leaves and mountains. I know I sound like a PR ad for Virginia, but we are so blessed with God's majestic handiwork around here.

The gorgeous leaves covering the tree house. The leaves have been so beautiful this year, but sadly with all the rain and cold coming, I know that very soon these trees will be bare for the winter.

Hope loves visiting the farm and she was so excited this morning getting ready. After a little hair drama (pigtails vs. ponytail) we got ready with smiles on.

Macy, Hope and Addyson hiding during a big game of hide-n-seek.

My sweet, sweet sunshine girl. I am such a blessed Momma that has this awesome job that I get to share with my girl each and everyday. To see her make new friends and come out of her shell a little each day swells my heart with love. She loves preschool as much as I do.

This picture of Hope and Addyson cracks me up because these two look so serious at snack time and they really are not:)

Sweet girl friends sharing a hay ride.

Our last stop was at the chicken house to see the chickens. My family eats eggs from Williams farm so it was neat to meet the chickens that provide us all those eggs! They are really pretty even if they are a little stinky:)

Our very last stop of the day was to meet the horse. He was certainly pretty but a tad bit grouchy. He was not feeling to social today and really did not care to eat our apples from the hands of our sweet preschoolers today:)

Today was just a magical day. We are at the end of our pretty leaf season around here and starting tomorrow the weather is going to turn pretty cold and rainy. We all enjoyed the sunshine today feeling so blessed that God smiled his face upon our little group today with beautiful weather, and sweet fellowship with our preschool friends. Life was indeed good today.

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