Sunday, October 23, 2011

Full of Fall Weekend

This weekend was certainly full of fall fun stuff. We opted out of outdoor nighttime activities because David and Hope are still battling gunk. They are on round 2 of antibiotics and the new one seems to be helping clear up the gunk.

Saturday was spent in the kitchen cooking with my boys. While Hope watched a princess movie, I cooked up some fall goodies with my boys. I had such fun with them in the kitchen!We cooked Dirt and worms, mummy dogs, and nutter butter ghosts.

Kyle made the dirt and worms all by himself. He made the chocolate pudding, crunched up the oreos and added the gummy worms to the "dirt"

Here is a glimpse of his creation!

I had such fun making these nutter butter ghosts! So easy and so so yummy. Basically you melt white almond bark in the microwave and then dip nutter butters in it. Lay it on wax paper to dry and add mini chocolate chips for eyes. So easy, cute, and way yummy.

Pardon my cookie sheet that has seen lots of batches of goodies in the oven, but here are my mummy dogs. I took hot dogs and cut them in half, and then used crescent rolls and sliced them into long shreds. I wrapped them up and then used mustard for the eyes. Super cute.

Our first stop Saturday was to a haunted house. This amazing and creative family made their first floor of their house into a haunted house and invited everyone in town I think. There had to be at least 100 people there and it was super scary. I even screamed!

Here is a glimpse inside the haunted house and things popped out at you and this Momma and son screamed bloody murder!

Here is the Momma that hosted this event and as you can see she is dying laughing at all of us screaming our heads off! Do you see the body bag on the right? This family went ALL OUT and it was a fun memory for Kyle. Dave and Hope stayed outside and played with their Daddy:)

Here is the Daddy that hosted and he was the mad scientist that let you "feel" all this stuff. They were brave souls for hosting all those people in their haunted house!

We left that haunted house and stopped by another friends house for a little get together.

Here is Jonathan dressed as a cup of coffee. Pretty creative for a preacher:)

Tonya, the hostess, had an apple bobbing contest and who would have thought that a bucket of water and a few apples would make us all laugh with hysterics?? We had such fun cheering the kiddos on and then a few Daddies starting talking smack and then the adults did it (with a fresh bucket of water-just sayin')

Suzanne finally got an apple! She had NEVER bobbed for an apple in her whole life because her mother was afraid of germs, so we let her go first!!!

There is my honey going after an apple and I had NO IDEA the man could bob so well! He got one in record time and I was so proud of him! Ha!

Another preacher at the party got an apple too! It was Daddy vs. Daddy and then preacher vs. preacher since we had two there! The kids loved it so much that the adults did it too.

Here is Kyle's teacher, one of my dearest friends, and hostess, and she rocked the apple bobbing competition! The girl is competitive for sure and she beat all of the ladies.

AFter Mike rocked the competition, Jonathan tried to beat Mike's time and he did well too! (I still think Mike won that competition-we sure are a competitive bunch! HA!) I guess this is where I fess up and admit that I got down and tried to do it, but frankly the tip of my nose was all that went in. I just could not do it. I guess I am too prissy to bob because I did not want to mess up my hair and makeup! Ha!

Hope and Grace enjoying some snacks. Hope went as TinkerBell to match Macy and they were such cute tinker bells:)

Today we had a fun outing with our church friends to the Williams farm, but I will wait and post those pictures tomorrow-I love fun fall weekends where the sun shines on our beautiful leaves:)

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