Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun, Full Day

What a fun, full day Halloween 2011 was. This Momma/preschool teacher is worn out.

Our day started with a wonderful and creative Halloween party at preschool for me and Tinker Bell. The parents of this class put together a full party and it was such fun. I am a blessed teacher that gets to work with two classes full of generous and great parents.

Tinker Bell certainly had fun with all the superheroes, princesses, and other precious characters at this party. After we partied hard for two hours we stayed at preschool and took down all the bats and goblins, and prepped the room for Thanksgiving. After a month of halloween stories, crafts, and decorations, I was ready to pull out the turkeys.

We then left and went to Kyle's class for their movie and snack party. Hope was so cute and enjoyed sitting in Kyle's desk with him. Kyle had made dirt 'n worms for his friends and we visited there for a while.

Then we switched schools and went and visited David for their party. Here is a cute picture of David and Kelsey-I love it!!! It was so much fun to visit with both boys at their parties and thankfully they were an hour apart so I could hit both of them.

Hope had taken her Tinker Bell costume off and pulled her hairbows out by this point she was soooo tired, but she certainly enjoyed the popsicles at David's party! Here are my cuties in Mrs. Hubble's rocking chair!

After the boys' parties, we went to our local library to give out treats to our children's librarians that help us so often. We love Mrs. Tracey and Mrs. Jennifer and we just had to take them some nutter butter ghosts. By this point I cannot believe that Hope is still standing without a nap and three parties under her belt!:)

Our day was just beginning, however, because after school we came home and put on warmer costumes. Her Tinker Bell costume was so cute but so flimsy so I pulled out this old cookie monster costume of DAvid's and layered her up for a cool Halloween night in the neighborhood. Our friends, The Grubbs came over for our annual Halloween gathering. We ate pizza at our house and then headed out for trick-or-treating.

Myt silly, crazy boys ready for a night out on the town!

Ashley got this picture of me and my three babes before we headed out in the neighborhood. I had been dressed in my poodle skirt since 6 a.m.

My little cookie monster eating some pizza with Kelsey and Tanner!

Our first stop was to our new neighbor, Mrs. Clawson!!!! We are so glad she is in our neighborhood now:)

Mike was our chaperone and here he is having a sweet moment with his favorite girl.

Hope definitely got into the whole idea of trick-or-treating and Kelsey was sweet enough to help her along the way. We just go to our neighbors who are so sweet to our kids. We hit two streets and call it a night!

I have thoroughly enjoyed Halloween, but between two preschool parties, two school parties and halloween night, this Momma is ready for bed!! Happy Halloween!

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