Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saturday I headed to Lane Stadium with my boys to watch Tech play Miami. I am not a Miami fan at all, but they typically come to win.

VT games are my bonding time with my Dad and my boys. We had such a fun day. David loves his Pops and he loves his Hokies! The weather was perfect-beautiful sunny weather and the leaves were gorgeous! Awesome day in the commonwealth of Virginia for a football game!

Me and my oldest. That place was rocking because the game was so exciting and close, and I had such fun cheering and jumping to Enter Sandman with my boys.

The band made the shape of Virginia during the pre-game festivities!

National Anthem! David loves to belt it out!:)

David screaming and jumping to Enter Sandman! There is truly no one that loves these games like Dave. I am so thankful for our Saturdays with Pops cheering for our favorite team. I love that I grew up going to VT games and now my boys get to experience the same thing. Hope and Daddy stayed home for some bonding and princess fun!

Touchdown hokies!!!!!

I love my VT football with my two favorite boys. VT won in a crazy and exciting game and we cheered our guts out! It was a special day and one that we all will not forget. What a great atmosphere with beautiful weather.

This is when we scored to go ahead of Miami in the final minute of the game! Here is Pops cheering with one of the guys that sits behind him. It was such a great day to be a Hokie!

Kyle jumping up and down to Enter Sandman when we held Miami at the end of the game.

I am so thankful for these special times with my boys. I love watching David enjoy every play and every cheer:) Way to go Hokies!

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