Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bible School Fun and Finale

Bible School is now over.  It is a long and tiring week for all the workers and the kids, but it is so much fun! Our two youngest LOVED every minute of it...

which you can tell by the fact that they are up front dancing in front of everyone?!  That is a huge milestone for my shy girl.  The music for this bible school was really good and they have been blasting that CD at home all week. 
How cool is it that our church has a movie theatre in it?  This is where I was all week showing a little clip of a DVD each night and then discussing it.  I would also hand out bible verse cards and take up our offering for our mission project.  The kids also use this cool movie room for sunday morning sunday school.  Hope is in the middle of the group-look for the big pink hairbow:)
This picture makes me smile.  Here is Hope with her sweet friend Olivia dancing.  One part of the song they are suppose to give each other a high five and they missed so they are both belly laughing at themselves. 
Since they missed giving each other a high five, they decided to give one to our worship minister Bryan instead.  :)  These girls get to sing with him weekly during preschool!
Last night to celebrate a great week of bible school there was a pool party.  It was only 68 degrees outside but these crazy kids still swam and had a ball.  It has been the coolest summer here in Virginia.  The parents were wrapped up in sweatshirts and towels watching our kids swim last night.  Our youngest did not make it the full two hours and we came home to warm baths:) 
Crazy David!

David was in heaven because two of his favorite people Devin and Jay Mellinger came and swam with him.  These two guys are awesome with huge hearts and David adores them.  He was so cold but I had a hard time pulling him away from his buddies to go home.
What a wonderful week!  Hope and I slept in this morning way past our usual wake up time catching up on our rest from all the bible school fun we have had.  I pray that my kids learned how to Stand Strong for God this week at VBS.

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