Sunday, August 25, 2013


I think this is the longest I have gone without updating our blog in a long time.  We are doing well just staying very busy.  I do not purposely do it, but the weeks of a big scan I tend to fill my to do list up with lots of de-cluttering, organizing, and cleaning.  The scan is coming up this Friday and of course we are nervous, but once again God's peace is flooding me. 

I love to craft and I have been in a crafting mode these days too.  Keeping my hands busy and having fun crafting with friends helps me during these nervous times.  We made some bloomers for baby Sage and a cute bag for Hope! 
Preschool open houses are this week so there is plenty to do there to keep me busy.  Our open house theme is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  I am so excited about this upcoming year of preschool!! 
I am not the only female in our house that is excited about preschool!  Here is Hope checking the mail for her preschool packet in it!  Each child got a copy of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom in their packet:)
Her new glasses are helping so much that she is now obsessed with puzzles!  I guess before she was not too interested in them because she could not see well.  What a difference a cute pair of Hello Kitty glasses makes. 
This weekend has just been peaceful and nice.  Kyle had a travel ball tournament so we have been there both days.  The weather was gorgeous and we just sat under tents and cheered our kids on.  It was really relaxing (of course until Kyle came up to bat or pitched!!)! Our little ball team is full of great kids and parents and I am enjoying this time watching Kyle. We packed some watermelon and I could not resist a cute picture of a cute girl with a big slice in her mouth.
David loves being at the ballpark and all the guys on the team are awesome with him.  David makes friends wherever he goes and today when he was not in the dugout with our team, he had made friends with another team.  He had to tell them good luck as we were leaving the field.  David was the honorary "catcher" today in the dugout!  Ha!
He of course has to get in the huddle with the team too! 
When we got home from the ballpark Kyle missed youth group because he got hit in the leg today.  He has a huge bruise on his leg:(   Except for a few injuries on the team, it has been a calm and relaxing weekend.  One of the Dads on our team in an EMT and our boys kept him hopping this weekend. 
This morning at the ballfield all games were stopped at 11:00 a.m. for a devotional on the field.  All the kids and parents came and listened.  It was a wonderful way to remind kids that no matter what happens in the game, nothing matters but our relationship with God.  I loved being apart of this unique church at the field. 
We of course are nervous for this upcoming Friday, but once again God provides His peace when we face that dreaded CT machine.  I trust in God's plan for our family and I trust that no matter what the results are that God will be there with us.  He has been so faithful and true to us.  This will be a unique scan trip because Kyle will be going with us.  While David is going through the scan, Kyle has an appointment in clinic with a pediatric cardiologist.  He has had a murmur since birth but now that sports are getting more physically demanding we want this murmur checked out again just to be safe.  We trust UVa completely so when his doctor recommended he see a cardiologist we turned to UVA.  How ironic that both of my children will be seen in clinic at UVA on the same day?? 
We ask for your prayers for both of us this week.  Time seems to slow down as we face these Friday scans.  Thank you for continuing to pray for our family and David. 

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