Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Make-A-Wish Trip!

Earlier this afternoon I posted on Facebook that our Mike-A-Wish coordinator called and we have been officially booked for David's trip to Disney in October!! Woot Woot! This is what I know as of now:

The kids are so excited!!!! We just told David tht he is getting to fly on a big airplane to Disney and his reaction was priceless. He has waited so long to make it through treatment and it is finally time to go. Of course I worry that his scan on August 30th is going to be bad and change our trip, but I am turning that over to God. Disney was the last family trip we took before he was diagnosed with cancer and we are so excited to go back after he has made it through his surgery, chemo, and radiation.

So many children ask for Disney for their wish that there is actually a separate resort there just for wish kids. It is called Give Kids the World Village and reading about it on the website makes me tear up with happy tears. Everything detail and finance is taken care of so that our family can go and have the time of our lives. Make-A-Wish literally takes care of the flights, rental car, tickets to the attractions, and the kids will even be given souvenir money. Our meals will be provided at the resort and at the parks. About a week before we leave our local volunteer coordinator will give us our itinerary-they only thing we have to do is pack!!

I have talked to our wish coordinator a lot lately trying to get all the necessary paperwork in to her. When she called tonight with a confirmation on a date, I teared up on her. It is so amazing that this organization exists and that after the nightmare our family is being blessed with this trip.

Disney is truly our happy place because we were there six weeks before David was diagnosed with cancer. The weekend before he was diagnosed I had spent time online making a scrapbook of our trip. I remember asking Ashley when she came down to please bring tht book with her of our trip. We would lay in that hospital bed talking about how much fun we had. I promised David that if he made it through treatment we would go back. Now thanks to Make-A-Wish our Disney dream is coming true!!!

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