Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Mike!

Happy birthday Mike! I know you hate when people make a fuss over you, but today I just want to take a minute to say that we love you!

You are an amazing Daddy who always puts our kids first. Despite your huge and demanding job you are always one of the Daddy's that is always out there and involved in any sport that we are doing. I know you are squeamish about being a dance Daddy this year with Hope, but you will learn to love recitals too:)
I often get annoyed how much you give your job, but I do respect your work ethic. You take your job as superintendent seriously because you love all kids and want a great school system for them. I often threaten to throw your phone out of the window, but I pray that our kids get your unbelievable work ethic.
I love that you are more open with your faith these days. You are a strong and devoted man and I am so thankful that our kids see you going to church faithfully so they can follow your example.
I know we have been through some valleys with our kids in the last decade or so, but our faith and committment to this family have gotten stronger. I know David's surgery and treatment were so hard on you because not only were you as terrified as I was but you also had to juggle work and hospital during that time. I will never understand how you did all that.

This year I cannot give you the one gift that I know we both want. We want reassurance that we will never have to go down the chemo/radiation road with David again. Sadly I cannot guarantee that or that his scan this week will be clean. I can promise you that you are loved and appreciated, that we are in this for the long haul, and that God will continue to be the center of our home. Happy Birthday and hopefully this weekend we can celebrate your birthday and a clean scan-in the meantime my lasagna and a cookie cake will have to do for tonight. Happy Birthday!

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