Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New School Year

I cannot believe it is time to pack up the pool bag and pull out the lunch boxes and backpacks.  It is so hard to say goodbye to the lazy and fun days of summer, but I am super excited about this upcoming school year which starts tomorrow!

Here is David with his third grade teacher, Ms. Umbarger.  She has a sweet and upbeat personality which will be a great match for David.  He will also have Mr. Nutter (his Special Ed inclusion teacher) from last year which is great!  We visited David's school one more time today to take his supplies and to take this sweet picture with his teacher.  As I am writing this the Lebron outfit is getting washed and dried to be ready to wear for the first day of school! 
After delivering all the supplies at the school, we celebrated the last day of summer the same way we celebrated the first day of summer-at the pool! We have had a cool and rainy summer, but today was sunny, cool in the 70s and NO RAIN!!!  It has been a gorgeous day. 
We happened to run into the Pugh family at the pool which thrilled my kids!  It has really been an awesome and fun summer with friends-I actually was kind of sad leaving the pool today knowing that today was probably our last day relaxing with friends. 
Here is Kyle with his new obsession-tennis!!  Last week he participated in a tennis camp here at our country club.  He fell in love with it and yesterday we even traveled to Bristol to meet a tennis pro to get an evaluation of his potential.  He LOVES hopping on his bike to meet Ms. Bennie (his local tennis coach) to practice tennis.  For now we are going to practice locally with Ms. Bennie and after the holidays consider letting him join up with a tennis academy in Bristol.  Kyle has tennis on the brain these days! 
Today's weather felt more like pumpkin picking than swimming with the temperature in the low 70's and no humidity.  I love this picture of Hope and Sydney all bundled up in their towels to warm up. 
David and Hope have both gotten so brave this summer swimming.  Thankfully we can keep up our swimming this winter at the wellness center. 
Tonight I had to go attend  a quick church meeting and Ashley played outside with the kiddos.  I love this picture I found on my camera of Hope going down the roller coaster outside! 
This picture makes me want to cry sad and happy tears.  Here is Kyle practicing his new locker at the middle school.  Last night we attended the orientation for 6th grade for Kyle.  I simply cannot believe he is going into middle school.  I am so proud of the young man that he is but I am sad the years are going so fast.  Unlike his Mom, he is unphased by the whole middle school experience and does not seem concerned at all.  He has a great team of teachers and lots of friends around him.  I think he is going to do awesome!
I pray that the school year will be as awesome as the summer of 2013 was!  I know that God will be with my children as they enter those buildings tomorrow.  I pray for peace for all my Momma friends, teacher friends, and students as another year of learning begins.  Happy School Year!

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