Thursday, August 1, 2013

Football Players with Big Hearts

Cancer stinks.  If you have followed this blog for any length of time you know that our David has been through heck and back due to his Stage Four Wilm's Tumor.  We all agree that cancer fights dirty and is a big bully who preys on young helpless kids. 

Also through this journey some amazing things have happened.  We have all been changed by God who frankly rocked our dark world with His awesomeness.  We have been on the receiving end of some amazing kindness, love, prayers, and hugs.  This past weekend I was once again blown away by some big burly football players from our amazing community. 

This past Saturday the Shuler family hosted their fourth annual Fishing for a Cure event at hungry Mother to raise money and awareness of childhood cancer.  Their sweet little girl died of a brain tumor right before turning 14 months old.  At this event many people come forward to shave their head for the St. Baldrick's foundation for childhood cancer. Many members of the Marion Senior Football team got their heads shaved at this event for childhood cancer.

I did not realize it had happened until Saturday night when I was scrolling through facebook.  I noticed several bald heads popping up on my newsfeed and it was not until 10:30 that night that I realized that many team members had shaved their heads for kids with cancer. I cried big crocodile tears that these guys (some of whom had great hair) shaved their heads for this cause.  I was stunned and oh so happy that people are hosting events this like and that people are doing amazing things for cancer kids. 

Tuesday night we took David to the end of one of their practices to get a picture with the new "baldies" and to say thank you from our family.  David loved hanging out with them!

Here is David with Sam Wagner.  Sam and his buddy Logan were the guys that visited him in Charlottesville and took him fishing.  That was such a special day for David and he loves his Sam and Logan. 
Here is David with the players that shaved their heads.  He looks so little next to these big guys with big hearts. 
While taking pictures David got tired and just had to rest a little big on Sam's shoulder.  Oh so sweet. 
David and the team showing off their guns!  David showed up for the photo op with his blue bible school shirt and the guys even found him a Marion football shirt in the locker room to put on for the picture.  He slept in the shirt that night until I pried it off of him the next morning. 
Thank you guys for doing this for kids with cancer.  No matter how many games you win this year you are already winners! 

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