Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wedding Weekend

This weekend has been full of wedding, family, and fun. My cousin Mary Lee (whom I babysat) married her prince, Nick Gill in Radford. Hope was one of the two flower girls and frankly she rocked it. I was so proud of her!!

When Mary Lee asked me months ago if she could be in the wedding, I agreed thinking that Hope would probably not cooperate because she is so painfully shy. What a difference a few months make because she was so excited and she did beautifully!! Here she is at the rehearsal Friday night.

This picture will make Hope's Daddy happy, because one of the ring bearers was suppose to escort her out but she was not digging that at all. Check out the look on her face!!

This picture is so sweet to me because the wedding took place in the church that I grew up in. I have many fond memories of being in that church and it was so sweet to be back with my own kids.

We are all together and dressed up so rarely that we took this opportunity to get some family pictures. Here are GG and Pops with my kids.

Our family!

Hope with the other flower girl, Annie Freeman. I really think it helped Hope having a sweet friend to do this important job with:)

The flower girls slowly making their way down the aisle. I simply could not believe that Hope did it!! We are so proud!

Nick and Mary Lee with the flower girls and ring bearers.

The entire bridal party! I love their colors! The wedding was simply stunning.

The wedding reception took place on Mary Lee's uncle's property. It was HOT AND HUMID but it was gorgeous with tents and lights. It rained on the way to the reception but it did stop and except for humidity it was great. Here are David and Mike.

Hope and Clayton. Hope loved every minute of the reception!

GG and Hope.

This picture makes me belly laugh! There was a photo booth with props that you could dress up and get your picture taken in. Clayton and my boys LOVED that thing! We lost count how may times they dressed up and got in that booth. What was even funnier is that they were not really tall enough to be seen in the booth so all the pictures are pretty much the very tops of their heads! Ha! I love this picture of Clayton and David getting dressed up for their picture.

At one point during the reception these gorgeous lanterns were set off in memory of loved ones no longer with us. Mary Lee's Mom lost her battle with breast cancer several years ago so this was a sweet moment for all. I was in the bride's room with Hope prior to the ceremony and Mary Lee's showed me her bouquet which was wrapped up with the sleeve from her mother's own wedding gown. Mary Lee was literally holding onto her mother as she walked down the aisle.

David decided of all the lovely ladies at the reception that his date for the night was Aunt Annette. He danced with her several times and even escorted her on and off the dance floor. He is quite the ladies man!

GG loves to dance and thankfully her grandchildren were willing dancers. Hope LOVED the reception and spent most of the evening on the dance floor.

This picture is probably my favorite of the whole evening. Hope loves to dance and her Daddy willingly came out on the dance floor and danced with her. I got choked up last night thinking that it will seem like a blink of an eye and Mike will be escorting Hope down the aisle. I love how happy they both look.

I love a man that is not afraid to cut a rug with his girl.

We finally got Kyle out on the dance floor! He was so hot in his dress clothes that he could barely function:)

It was a wonderful weekend and what an honor to be apart of this special day for Nick and Mary Lee. Mike and I have been married 13 years and sitting at that wedding last night made me reminisce about our wedding over a decade ago. You never know what life has in store when you say "I Do" but I am thankkful that God put a man in my life that loves Jesus, loves his family, and no matter the storms that come we will face them together. Happy Wedding!

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