Friday, August 16, 2013

New Glasses and Ducks!

We have survived the first two days of school!  The boys both seem very happy with school and have been in great spirits. Tonight the weather was gorgeous here in Virginia, so Mike and Kyle went to a parent/child night at the golf course to play golf.  These two wanted to head to Hungry Mother to play.

We took a picnic and their bikes to hungry Mother.  They loved feeding the ducks their pizza crusts,
but we quickly learned that if you feed one duck a million more coming quacking!  They got very agressive with each other, and this Momma shooed them away and move our picnic elsewhere. 
Hope is so thrilled with her new glasses.  She actually read several words to me tonight (cat, hat, mat, etc...) and she is so thrilled that she can see!! I told her that she looked like a smart princess. 
Bike riding is always a hit, but poor David's bike is too small now and it broke:(  No worries, Santa will be coming soon!  Those black camo pants that David is wearing were bought today.  He loved them so much that he put them on as soon as they came out of the bag. 

All three are sleepig now from the early morning routine.  I am so thankful that they are both happy and smiling going into school and coming out in the afternoon.  I am also thankful that Hope's vision issues were caught early and that she loves her cute new Hello Kitty glasses.  I am thankful that my preschool rooms are coming together and that very soon I will have new kiddos to welcome with open arms.  Life can sometimes be messy (David did bring home nasty dog poop on his shoes from Hungry Mother) but life is indeed good.

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