Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Day of School 2013

Today was the first day of school for the boys!  Hope and I do not start preschool until after Labor Day so we still have a few days to get the preschool rooms ready for open houses. 

My sixth grader and my third grader ready for the first day!  David insisted to wear his Lebron getup with his new Lebron backpack.  This picture makes me smile. 
Kyle made the big transition to middle school this year which includes changing classes and lockers!  He was not the least bit concerned about switching schools and took it all in stride.  He has come a long way from those early tears in kindergarten and first grade:) Kyle seemed to have a great day and the only concern he had this morning was what time lunch would be. 
Hope dd not want to be left out of the picture taking!  Ha!
David was really excited this morning and was ready to strike a pose for me!  We dropped David off first and then took Kyle to the middle school.  It was a smooth and easy drop off. 
This picture makes my heart so happy and proves what amazing educators we have in this county.  This was David walking into his new building and his teacher, Ms. Umbarger waiting for him with open arms.  I was so thankful and happy as a mom to see my child greeted like this on  the first day. I saw this as I was pulling out of the parent drop-off line and I quickly threw my camera in Kyle's lap and told him to click away.  He got this precious, precious picture. 

I have three tired children tonight, but overall the day was great for all.  Hope and I snuck in a quick girls lunch with some friends and I cleaned this house with lots of clorox!  Ha!  It will be an early bedtime tonight for our family, but it was a wonderful day for all. Thank you Smyth County Schools for an awesome first day!

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