Friday, August 30, 2013

UVA Updates on Both Boys

We are finally home after a long day at the hospital and a long afternoon traveling in holiday traffic.  We arrived in Charlottesville late last night and we had to be at the hospital (with all five of us dressed and ready) by 7 a.m. 

The amazing news is that David's  Creatinine was .7!!!!!  That is really good news for his remaining damaged kidney.  That number tells us that despite not functioning 100% it is basically happy and is hovering around the high end of the "normal" range.  After the beating that kidney has taken that is music to our ears!  The amazing news of the day is that the scan was clean-no evidence of any disease/cancer!!  Glory be to God! 

My pictures are out of order, but one of the things that we wanted to get checked out was this nasty bruise on Kyle's leg from last weekend when he was hit in the thigh with a stray pitch.  While David was sedated Kyle had an appointment with a wonderful pediatric cardiologist.  She said that it is simply a nasty bruise and that time should heal it.  After an EKG and echocardiogram, he does still have a murmur but it is benign and he is cleared for all sports and activities!  That made him smile:)

Kyle's vitals were great except that his blood pressure was elevated???  Of course Momma got nervous because they made him lay down and recheck it, then they checked it manually, then they rechecked it again before we left and it stayed elevated???  I freaked, I will be honest, but the wise doctor advised us to check it weekly for a month and call her back with his pressures.  We wonder if it is because perceptive Kyle was well aware that it was scan day, nervous about his own appointment,  or he just had white coat syndrome???  If it is still high after a month, then he will be referred to David's kidney doctor for additional testing. 

David really gave the anesthesia nurse a run for his money this morning:)  The drill is that when we arrive he is given Versed orally so he will not remember the mask.  That works beautifully except he dislikes that Versed so much and this morning he spit it back up all over the nurse.  Thankfully it rinsed right out and he gets it because he is a Dad himself.  After that medicine gets into David he is a little loopy and hilarious!!!
I took Kyle upstairs for his appointment and it is the same place where David goes for clinic.  It was so weird to see Kyle in the vital chair instead of David:)
Thankfully Kyle did not mind the EKG or the echocardiogram. 
We were so blessed with so many texts, emails, and messages today from dear friends encouraging us.  One of the many that made me smile was a picture of Rocky Duke (David's monkey in my chair) who took his spelling test for him today.  Rocky Duke has been with David's classes since chemo and it was so sweet of his teacher to remember Rocky Duke and to send us a picture.  It really made David smile. 
Hope went along with too and was entertained with all the spinning chairs in the doctors offices:)  She was suppose to stay with my parents but last minute decided to "go with my family."  She is in a mommy phase right now. 
David was sleepy after his scan and really only wanted Mike or Kyle to hold him.  He is very unstable on his feet for the first few hours after the scan and Kyle stuck to him like glue.  I love when we can go to clinic as a family. 
Overall the day was long and tiring but we are so thankful to God for such amazing news.  David has now reached a milestone of remaining cancer-free one year past  treatment.  We know we still have a long ways to go with many more hurdles, but we will stop and celebrate and give God the glory for each victory we win along the way.  The boys are celebrating tonight by going to a local football game and Hope and I have had a tea party and we now have plans to watch a movie and call it an early night.  Thank you dear friends for the love today-we felt covered in prayer and surrounded by love.

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