Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Last Week of Summer

The kids go back to school next Thursday, so this week we have packed our week full of appointments and FUN before the school bells rings. 

All three kiddos have gotten new shoes recently for school.  Hope and David were so excited about theirs that they wanted to go on a walk on the golf course in the new shoes:)
Hope and David had dentist appointments this week.  Hope did great and let the sweet hygenist clean her bottom teeth only:) She balked at the top teeth?  We were proud of her for her first visit:)
David also had a dental visit.  This picture looks like David is cooperating, but check out the fact that David is holding sweet Dr. Bill's hand.  He would not let him in his mouth with his fingers or his instruments.  We are going to have to send David to a dentist that uses sedation to get xrays, a good cleaning, and to check out what damage the chemo has done to his teeth. 
Sweet Hope had an eye appointment with Dr. Blue here locally.  She and her staff were wonderful to Hope and our little lady needs glasses.  She is 20/70 in her right eye and she is 20/40 in her left eye.  She failed her vision screening at her four year well check and she was referred to the eye doctor.  I am so thankful that her thorough physical at Mountainview Pediatrics caught this early. 
Hope was mostly cooperative with the eye exam.  She did not like getting her eyes dialated for the exam but she was such a big girl rattling off all of the letters that she could see.  I was really shocked how poor her vision really was.  She is going to be so beautiful in her new glasses:)

The reality that school is starting hit hard this morning.  I helped serve breakfast to the teachers at David's school this morning on their first morning back.  I think a new year is always so exciting and we are excited to see what teachers the boys will have and to help Kyle adjust to middle school!

Tonight my nephew is here for a spontaneous sleepover.  Hopefully we will get some sleep because we are Radford bound to tomorrow for Nick and Mary Lee's wedding! Summer of 2013 we are enjoying every last minute of you!

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