Sunday, January 25, 2009

Soothing Words for the Soul

Sometimes God just surprises you with exactly what you need at the precise moment you need it. Tonight I experienced His grace and mercy in a very wonderful way. On Sunday nights I go to a local church for my bible study (Beth Moore Breaking Free) with my friend Samantha and some other wonderful and Godly women. I knew Samantha had a sickly baby at home and wouldn't be going, so I trudged along solo.

I have to admit my attitude has not been that positive and upbeat today. There are some external things going on outside of our home that just put me in a funk today. But I headed on to bible study in my yoga pants and comfy maternity top:)

We started the lesson and had a good discussion about it, and then we turned on the video of Beth Moore teaching our weekly lesson. I will not share all the details, but one verse of scripture screamed to me so loudly tonight that I felt tears roll down my cheeks. In Psalm 45:11 Jesus speaks directly to us (the bride of Christ) by saying "the King is enthralled with your beauty, honor him for he is your God." (NIV). You talk about soothing the soul for this pregnant girl desperate for a good haircut and root job. Despite all our society hang ups about fashion, image, weight, size, etc.. the King of Kings is enthralled with my beauty? This concept is going to take a while to sink into this child of God. Despite your age, weight, fashion sense, or even root job, the King is enthralled with your beauty!

Then after the video was over, the leader asked for prayer request. Just know that there are several school employees and spouses at this bible study and talk of the dismal school budget has come up. One of the ladies spoke up and said " I think we need to pray for Mike and Laura and their children. He has some tough decisions to make over the coming months concerning the school budget and I am sure this is a stressful time for them in addition to their new arrival coming soon." Then they went on to pray for us. I am not talking about some little generic prayer that lasted a minute or so, I am talking about praying aloud for our children (all three:)) and specific budget concerns, his health, my pregnancy, for us both to be full of grace under pressure, and mostly that the tide will turn soon rather than later. I have not felt that united with the body of Christ in along time and I must say that God knew exactly what we needed. When I came home and told Mike he was as appreciative and thankful as I was. He obviously could tell that something had happened at bible study because my eyes were all red and puffy and my makeup was gone! What a wonderful group of women that could care for my family so much in this crazy time and what a wonderful God that even with my puffy eyes, no makeup, and faded yoga pants He is still enthralled with my beauty:) Have a great week!

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